Why are online reviews one of the best SEO weapons?

No person could deny the benefits of online reviews. SEO and online reviews are linked closely for a long period. As per Moz, online reviews and feedback determine 10% of how your website should display in Google search results. Are you wondering how to get google reviews? If so, we have shared how to use this strongest weapon- online reviews in your SEO strategy as a full list here.

  • Create a strategy to gather in numbers:

Remember, online reviews would not help SEO if you do not receive adequate numbers. Google, as well as other search engines, prefer to showcase websites that people prefer and take time to share opinions. Most customers do not spend time to share the review, and they share reviews only when their experience is bad. More than 30% of the customers share a negative review to demonstrate their experience. Therefore, you have to make a careful effort while collecting reviews from numerous customers.

You have to track the customers after their involvement to share their thoughts. It is a task you have to handle cautiously.

Deal with timeliness:
If you are tracking the customer’s reviews through landing pages, SMS messages, email campaigns, or anything similar to that nature, the time has to be impeccable. Ensure to give at least one to two days for the customers to share reviews. It is recommended to send requests in the morning hours to get instant response rates.

By requesting customers to share reviews, you can share a good relationship between them. You can create a form and obtain detailed and genuine responses in a quick time. Do not ask questions that are complicated and let your people down.

Remember, an honest and detailed review is valuable than a short review that has a single star rating or in a single sentence.

If the people do not respond to the review request, then you need to offer them a nudge. However, you should not overstep. The follow-up reminders should not be sent more than two. Also, provide a better space between the two days. The number of reviews is important as it influences the way search engines to rank your business on the internet.

In recent years, responding to reviews means gathering reviews. It is more important than gaining reviews. Many customers read the responses of the reviews, especially when they are purchasing for the first time or it is a new business in the market. Google has also confirmed that replying to reviews is important in SEO. It showcases how to value the customers, and their feedback remains for your business.

While responding, address the commentator by name. Empathize and apologize. Thank the reviewer for taking the time to share a review. If possible, take the discussion offline. Provide actionable solutions. The responder should provide an excellent deal of valuable information and empathize with the problem. Do not take the reply lightly. Ensure to take it personally. Motivate the customers to visit your website again.

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